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There is not god out there to save you. Maybe there is something out there but I’m sure it’s not something that is going to save anyone  because after all we are all alone anyway. if you’re foolish enough to think you can be saved by someone you’re wrong. You must learn how to save yourself in order to survive. You must learn that life is full of obstacles and always remember that when you’re making plans for the future, make sure to always be suspicious it won’t gonna work out because if you’re too hopeful you only gonna get hurt in the end. Hope can very damaging and I learned it this year. You should not expect anything. When you make plans, do not think they will go smoothly because there is not such thing, you cannot know what’s going to happen tomorrow and you certainly cannot control other people’s evil nature.

-something I wrote in 2013-


*trying to check someone out w/o getting caught

I’ve always wondered how is it to be a parent. It must take so much hard work and devotion!

But now that I’m watching The Superman Returns, it comes to my mind more often (all things related to parenting). And what I’d do in their place… Even though I don’t think my parent’s parenting style were the most ideal, I’m thankful for them and understand why they’d say “NO” to me sometimes… I think it is important for parents to know when to say “no” sometimes… When I watch Choo Sunghoon spoiling Sarang I worry for her later on… Of course you should love our kids but also put limits, because in life you won’t always have what you want or your ways and it’s important to understand it from a young age.

I think being a parent must be one of the biggest challenge one might encounter in life. People who say things like how they want a “baby” makes me worried because that baby will grow, and it’s your responsibility how they will turn to be. That’s why you should think carefully before even thinking of being a parent.

It’s just much more than just buying them things and feeding them, and playing with them. You should teach them manners, values and make them discover themselves and accept themselves* as they grow, make them curious about the world and make they think for themselves is also important. Know where they stand, like… knowing what type of people they want to surround themselves with, all kinds of things really.

I’m a believer that kids/adolescents need guidance and who should provide it is their parents. I don’t like it when parents are too controlling but showing them the paths and explaining which consequences each path leads you to and making them choose whatever they want.

I think a lot about it because, deep down I always wanted a parent that would have been not so strict or open, but showing me all the paths and explaining them thorougly so I could make my own judgement.

*of course I think accepting yourself is important but if you think you can be better at something you shouldn’t just accept it, instead try to improve what you’re bothered about, always trying to be a better version of yesterday.


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